Board book software for electronic board meetings

Implementing board book software can help solve the common problems facing Boards and businesses off all sizes.


• Distribution of cumbersome documents

Board books are often substantial in length which makes them very awkward to transport and use, especially if directors sit on multiple boards. Board book software allows to hold multiple board books in one tablet computer.

• Compromised security

Traditional paper board packs can be easily lost or stolen with little in the way of recovery procedures. Board book software, on the other hand, allows for these to be remotely deleted or deactivated.

• Last-minute alterations/updates

If last-minute alterations are needed to a paper board book then this will often involve reproducing and couriering the documents to directors. Board book software allows for these changes to be distributed as simply as sending an email.


Whilst directors see the benefits of how they work with their board books, meeting organisers also see improvements in working practices with board book software providing:

• More control over meeting management

• Improved document management and distribution

• Better security procedures
Introducing board book software to organise board meetings frees up both secretarial and board member’s time. With the eradication of paper and the introduction of tablet devices to distribute information, secretarial staff can control the process in a more efficient way. Directors can be confident they can access necessary documentation anytime, anywhere to make decisions.

For more information on how you can introduce board book software such as BoardPad, download a brochure or simply contact us to schedule a demonstration.