What do the best board portals have in common?

The best board portals contain many different options with various features and styles to cater for the management and distribution of paperless board meetings. With the amount of products on offer, it is important to define the list of requirements that are important to your business rather than focus on features that are nice to have but may not provide some of the more essential functionalities.

Below are 5 points that you should always look out for when searching through board portals:

Hosting options

You should always have the option to host your board portal on your own premise or have the board portal provider host it for you, provided they meet your specifications.

Post-sales services

Once you have bought a board portal product, you will need to be confident that the implementation, training and ongoing support are up to the highest standard to ensure you are getting the most from your new board portal.

Client referrals

Ensure that you are able to see case studies and referrals from current clients. This will give you an indication of how that particular board portal provider treats their existing clients, helping you to make a more informed decision.

Simplified meeting management

Most board portals will focus on the end users and how they are able to use a board portal to become more efficient. The back end of a board portal is just as, if not more important, as the meeting organisers will be the ones using the software on a regular basis. This area should be simple and easy to use helping to reduce workload, not increase it.

Security measures

Perhaps one of the most important areas. The information that will be stored within a board portal is some of the most confidential data in any organisation. Having strong security measures that make your internal IT department feel at ease when it comes to your corporate information, is vital.


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