Benefits of moving to paperless meetings

Many board meetings are still dependant on the use of paper-based board packs. This can be time consuming and an expensive task to collate, print and dispatch these large documents which can consist of over five hundred pages.

A more cost-effective and efficient way to manage and conduct board meetings is through the use of a board meeting portal application. Shown below are some of the benefits of embracing technology to provide paperless meetings.

By using templates and dashboards highlighting the required steps and processes, meeting organisers can streamline the administration required in running an efficient board meeting.

When organising meetings through a board portal, administrators upload all the required information and documents quickly and easily through a central portal. This allows all the board members to access the meeting documents they require through their devices.

Paperless meetings allow for amendments to board packs to be done right up until the meeting is held. Meeting administrators just have to upload the amended document, thus syncing with the board members’ devices, ensuring everyone is up to date, and they have the latest information to form their decisions and complete actions.

Within the meeting, decisions and actions can be easily recorded and all members can access through their devices. This also allows meeting attendees to look back at the previous paperless meetings ensuring actions and tasks are followed up.

Board members can also, quickly and confidentially, record their votes from within the meeting or from any location, online or offline, through the use of resolutions. Meeting organisers are able to control the document delivery and the voting process, allowing them to issue draft versions and indicate when the votes are due and then collate the results.

Reading Rooms provide a centralised library for all documents, for both individual and company wide distribution and collaboration. This allows directors to access and refer to additional documents that are not included within the board pack to help them make more informed decisions. They are able to annotate, share and mark documents as favourites so they can go back and read them at a later date. The Reading Rooms are all encrypted ensuring a high level of security.

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