Benefits of moving to an electronic boardroom

Laptops and desktop computers are commonplace in nearly all offices and, more recently, there has been a huge increase in the use of tablets. However, most meetings are still heavily paper-based.

Moving away from a paper-based system to a modern electronic boardroom can have many advantages and benefits for organisations. Below are a few of these benefits:


There have been instances where highly confidential information has leaked into the public domain. By making the switch to a paperless board meeting, this can be avoided with strong passwords, document encryption and the ability to remotely delete in case the device is lost or stolen.


If directors travel frequently or sit on a number of different boards, carrying a bulky board pack which is 500 pages long can be inconvenient. However, accessing papers from an iPad or Windows Device is comfortable and lightweight; plus directors can easily add notes, signatures, voice annotations, bookmarks, highlight and free draw on their digital board pack, and more.


When using paper, the release of updated documents is a nightmare for company secretaries and administrators, with the updated versions and amendments having to be sent out via couriers and having to make sure all participants have the correct up to date version. With a paperless board meeting, these updates can all be done from one central place and synced to each device.

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