Benefits of implementing a board portal

Recent changes to legal and financial responsibilities for companies and their boards of directors have led to an increased amount of meetings, reviews and regulations. A board portal addresses these increased demands placed upon secretarial staff and provides legal records of the actions of those attending meetings.


A board portal helps to reduce the time and resources spent on meeting and document management. Some of the main benefits include:

• Quicker board material creation and distribution

• Improved quality control of distributed documents

• Increased security and monitoring of information

• Improved governance

• More efficient communication amongst members

• Instant availability of information


Introducing a board portal streamlines the process of manual collation and distribution of information, reduces the amount of time and man hours required to produce paper packs and eliminates courier costs because all documents are delivered electronically.

Secretarial staff also have a huge amount of control over amends and additions as a board portal allows them to simply update the information at the click of a mouse, rather than recreate and resend paper board packs.

A board portal also offers benefits to board members, since it includes a whole range of functionalities directors can use to dynamically view and edit content, prior to their meeting.


For more information on how board portal software such as BoardPad 2 can benefit your company, download a brochure or contact us to schedule a demonstration.