Benefits of conducting a paperless board meeting

Board meetings have evolved to be much more than a simple agenda, with meeting organisers spending considerable time and effort compiling and preparing a range of board materials for review. Board packs can contain documents of 500 pages or more in length. These large paper board packs are not only time consuming to prepare, but also require couriers to deliver them all, before directors are able to view and digest corporate information. By conducting a paperless board meeting, companies can achieve a number of benefits.

Meeting organisers are able to compile large documents by dragging and dropping files into specific agenda items or workspaces for directors to access. They can deliver documents with the click of a mouse instead of having to rely on couriers because documents are electronically sent to a director’s portable tablet computer. Holding a paperless board meeting offers meeting organisers increased methods of control over how information is accessed and utilised by board members; for example whether they can email or print board papers. If, for some reason, the portable device is lost or stolen, information can be remotely wiped, to avoid security breach.

Directors benefit from a paperless board meeting by being able to access information online or offline, from any location as well as efficiently annotating documents on the move. With content being delivered directly to the tablet computer, directors receive and work with the most up to date information. With strong password protection and document encryption, directors can rest assured the information is secure.

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