The benefits of a director’s portal

Though board work and communication have mainly been paper based, the director’s portal has introduced a much more controllable and efficient process which enables the directors to access the board documents securely and, at the same time, electronically collaborate with other board members. The new generation of director’s portals not only supports information exchange in a meeting but can also record everything that takes place between meetings.

Confidentiality as well as security is key when it comes to distributing board information. For security reasons, to log into the directors’ portal, multi factor authentication is applied. Depending on organisational policies, directors will have to choose a key phrase, a secure password and register their device to ensure the authenticity of the site they are going to log into.

One of the most significant features of a director’s portal is its online and offline accessibility. Board members who are not present in the office or at a meeting can not only review the documents but also communicate with the required members online in remote locations. On the other hand, if one cannot access the internet they can easily download important documents beforehand for review later, when offline. It ensures that similar standard of security is applied even when you work offline. The portal can also be used by the corporate secretaries who can arrange board materials, amend and simultaneously circulate them online. Thus, the editing and distribution of board packages can be completed without issue, couriers or paper collation. Online collaboration allows directors to not only record their remarks, but also to save them while reviewing such documents. Policy documents or any other kind of legal documents, are recorded as well as managed by a board portal.

The introduction of a director’s portal has enabled the corporate world to reduce the usage as well as the wastage of paper, saving on both capital and effort. The directors’ portal is very user friendly with its features being designed to make the user’s workflow simple and efficient. The process of creating board packs, which sometimes contain around 600 pages, has been simplified through the use of a director’s portal. Board packs can be archived by the users for later review or to comply with any legal regulations that affect their organisation.. This provides the members with a reliable source of board information whilst, at the same time, retaining its security and confidentiality.

One can attend a board meeting from abroad without any complications and access the information of the ongoing board meeting at any time and from any place with their chosen device, enabling directors to collaborate not only during a meeting but even before it begins.

The use of a director’s portal has, undoubtedly, offered an improved and broader governance strategy for board meetings. Alongside trusted information security, it has also provided the directors with a greater visibility into the operations of a board meeting. A director’s portal not only makes your board work less cumbersome but gives it a smarter outlook by combining good governance practices with the use of the latest technology.

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