Are you ready for a paperless boardroom?

The adoption of a paperless boardroom application has been steadily increasing with the move from paper board packs to electronic ones. Tablet devices, such as the iPad, have increased the adoption of electronic board papers, since more and more board members now use them on a daily basis.

Below are a few advantages of using electronic board papers versus the traditional cumbersome packs:


The process of collating a paper board pack is laborious and time consuming with multiple individual packs needing to be assembled manually. A paperless boardroom lets meeting organisers digitally create copies with individual versions assembled with just a few mouse clicks.


The process of distributing paper board packs can be very costly, depending on the number of packs that need to reach the directors. A paperless boardroom allows for courier costs to be completely eliminated, as documents are sent digitally directly to directors’ tablets.


Making revisions to a paper board pack is costly and awkward as directors can potentially be working from different versions. A paperless boardroom can enforce revisions automatically, allowing for more control over the information directors receive and use.

Security risks/theft/loss

When a paper board pack is lost or stolen, it is very unlikely that you can recover sensitive information quickly and easily without potentially putting the business in a compromising position. A tablet computer with paperless boardroom technology is password protected and any content can be remotely wiped to avoid any information being unnecessarily compromised.

For more information on how you and your business can benefit from a paperless boardroom, please download a brochure or contact us to talk about your requirements.