Are you ready for a boardroom app?

Moving away from a paper-based system to a boardroom app can deliver many benefits to an organisation. Many companies are using tablets as indispensable business tools and integrating a boardroom app can be seamless, quick and easy.

Improve the efficiency of board materials

A key benefit of a boardroom app is the efficiency with which board packs can be created and sent to board members. The production of paper packs can take days or weeks, whereas a boardroom app can cut this down to hours. Furthermore, the implementation of changes can be done quickly and easily with the amended document being uploaded and then synced to all the members’ devices.

Access your meetings from anywhere in the world

With a boardroom portal, board members can access board packs at a time and place convenient to them, this is especially beneficial if one or more board members is out of the country or travelling for business. Board members can work online to review the board pack and make notes wherever there is an internet connection. They can also download all of the material required and work offline at a later date. With more control and time on their side, directors are better poised to make important strategic discussions.

What kind of savings can you expect from a boardroom app?

With a boardroom app, you save on the costs of printing, binding, courier delivery and document creation. Not only do you save money but you can save significant time that you would have otherwise spent reviewing, editing and assembling paper documents to create packs. Some organisations save thousands of pounds a year with digital software such as BoardPad. To find out more, please read client case studies.

Boardroom apps offer increased functionality, security and support over traditional paper-based packs. They also enable directors to access important information and documentation online and offline from any location.

For more information about BoardPad or how a digital board portal can help your organisation, please contact us today.