Are we heading towards a virtual boardroom?

It is evident that over the past couple of years virtual boardroom technology has blossomed. The use of Skype and other video conferencing software already helps to create a virtual boardroom experience but it still has its limitations. The inability to be able to monitor others body language during conversations can often become a shouting match rather than a discussion.


What about taking small steps and trying to deliver digital board papers?

More and more companies start taking advantage of the tablet device technology to manage meetings and deliver digital board papers as a part of the process. With traditional paper board packs that can often be over 500 pages long, the introduction of an electronic board pack, directors can access anytime, anywhere and annotate, sounds like a big improvement. Say goodbye to carrying cumbersome packs and say hello to BoardPad. Whilst we are not at the fully virtual boardroom stage just yet, small steps are being taken with technology that at some point should be able to deliver a fully virtual boardroom experience.


For more information on a digital board books such as BoardPad 2 from ICSA Software that reduces costs, stress and working hours, then download a brochure from our website and we will be happy to discuss your individual situation and needs. Who knows, one day it may lead to a completelyvirtual boardroom.