Are looking for board meeting management software?

An ever increasing amount of boardrooms have started to move away from traditional paper board packs to using boardroom meeting software to help streamline the process around managing meetings and board papers. Moving to a boardroom meeting app also has benefits for the company secretary and their team, with less time spent administrating and more on the content and needs of the attendees.

Introducing a boardroom meeting app will replace the bulky board packs with a lightweight tablet making it easier for directors to access all of the required information, securely and comfortable. The intuitive annotation tools allow directors to carry out all the normal functions that a paper-based board pack would allow, and more. They are able to make comments, notes, voice memos, bookmarks, signatures, highlight and free draw whilst being able to save their annotations across different document versions, see a summary and hide or delete their personal notes, with one touch.

A problem that often occurs for both directors and company secretaries is revisions and updates to board papers and making sure all the attendees have the latest version and all the information is up-to-date. Board meeting software eliminates the need for the printing and courier of any revisions, as the updated versions can simply be uploaded to all the directors’ devices with previous versions being replaced but with the annotations saved. So all parties are working from the same page, regardless of the location.

With the use of a boardroom meeting app, company secretaries have a huge amount of control over the entire meeting process. The administration platform helps to reduce time, cost and effort of producing board meetings, allowing them to focus on the quality of the documentation and the other responsibilities they may have.

For more information about how a boardroom meeting app like BoardPad could benefit your company and how our administration platform Connect, can assist your meeting organisers, please contact us today for a demonstration.