Are digital boardpapers the way forward?

The delivery of digital boardpapers onto tablet computers is getting more and more popular in the business environment.

Initially, implementing a solution to deliver boardpapers digitally, will require a change in working practices both for directors and meeting organisers. Once this is achieved, there are a number of improvements that board members will benefit from: Elimination of cumbersome packs; boardpapers can often be 500+ pages in length. If delivered electronically to a tablet computer, the difference in weight is incredible.


• Increased efficiency

Directors are able to quickly search through large documents and retrieve answers in less time than going through traditional paper packs.

• Increased convenience

Tablet computers can be used to work in a variety of situations where paper may not be practical, particularly when travelling.

• Increased security

If digital boardpapers are lost or stolen, they are password protected and can be remotely deleted to prevent sensitive information being compromised.


For more information on how you can introduce digital boardpapers such as BoardPad, download a brochure or simply contact us to schedule a demonstration.