What are the advantages of an electronic boardroom?

Moving towards an electronic boardroom can render a great deal of benefits for organisations willing to make the move from a paper based system.

Document and information management is an area of high concern for organisations and their corporate secretarial team. The ability to control the distribution and availability of confidential documentation gives the electronic boardroom a clear advantage over a traditional paper environment. With built in security including strong passwords, email/print controls and remote document control, an electronic boardroom allows company secretaries to amend and delete documents or entire board packs from an authorised computer.

The ability to efficiently manage meeting information is a valuable tool for company secretaries as they are able to control the way in which they can distribute information to meeting attendees as well as provide them with all the necessary information, at the touch of a button. By sending out documents electronically, meeting organisers reduce the costs and time spent organising, printing and couriers to make sure directors get their board papers on time

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