Beyond the boardroom

Implementing your board portal across management levels.

After the success of digital meeting solutions being rolled out in boardrooms, many companies are taking BoardPad beyond the boardroom.

By giving executive and middle-management teams a digital meeting solution, companies are increasing the security of their meeting documentation, becoming more efficient and saving on paper.


“After successfully implementing BoardPad to our Board and sub-committee meetings, we started to use it for fortnightly Senior Managers’ meetings and the monthly Managers’ meeting. The increase in efficiency and time saved for both the Board and Administrators has been significant.” Louise Davies, Corporate Services Officer, Monmouthshire Housing Association


Here are some tips on how your company could benefit from rolling out BoardPad beyond the boardroom:


Easily upload documents

Management meetings bring people together from all over the organisation. This also means a variety of documents are necessary. The drag and drop function helps participants to save time and makes uploading files simple. Plus, they can easily refer to documents, minutes and actions from previous meetings.


Annotate and share

Teams can better collaborate with BoardPad’s annotation and sharing functions. When viewing documents, users can make notes, comments and bookmarks and easily share documents, with or without their personal annotations.



BoardPad allows you to personalise access settings, allowing you restrict access to certain parties, increasing the security of your confidential information. You can be confident that the board’s documentation will not get mixed up with other management meetings and vice versa.


Ease of use

BoardPad is an intuitive and easy to use application, allowing companies to roll out beyond the boardroom quickly and easily. Executive and middle-management can get the most out of meetings by giving them the right tools to operate effectively and efficiently.


“The ease of use of BoardPad is remarkable and I would not hesitate to recommend the system to any organisation.”

David Staples, Group Secretary and Head of Legal, Community Integrated Care


If you are thinking about rolling out BoardPad beyond the boardroom, contact us today to discuss your requirements.