3 benefits your director needs to know about company secretarial software

Across all industries and niches, technology is transforming the way we work - and board meetings are no exception.

For many organisations, adopting company secretarial software such as board portals can streamline processes at all levels. Removing paper from the meetings equation can offer numerous benefits to a business. But are your company directors aware of exactly what advantages adopting company secretarial software can provide?

Benefits of company secretarial software


1. Secretarial software creates a more convenient board environment

Improved convenience is one of the first benefits that both administrators and company directors will notice when adopting company secretarial software. From board pack building to instant and simple document access, improved convenience can be seen in many situations. For example:

  • For co-secs, company secretarial software, such as board portals, enable easier document collation, secure sharing, and makes the process of providing directors with the information they need much simpler.
  • For directors, company secretarial software enables easy access to all board documents, via a portable device. Transportable and accessible anywhere, this is a great leap from the inconvenience of having to carry bulky, easily-lost paper board packs - especially for directors on multiple boards.
  • Edits, annotations and more are also convenient for all parties, and can often be synced across platforms for easy working.


2.Secretarial software leads to more efficient working

Efficiency, as well as convenience is another area of advantage that company directors should be aware of when considering company secretarial software.

Again, taking a board portal example, paper-based processes and documents often impede the efficiency of company secretaries and administrators. Documents take time and resource to produce in physical form, and must be shared via courier to remain secure; speed and simplicity are not ready options.

Yet with paperless board meetings, managed via secretarial software:

  • Amendments to board packs can be made right up until the meeting is held
  • Meeting administrators can easily upload amended documents, which sync with directors devices, ensuring everyone is up to date
  • The latest decision-impacting information can be easily shared
  • Meeting organisers can better record and track actions and decisions.


3. Secretarial software leads to more secure meetings

As mentioned above, the more cumbersome process of producing and distributing traditional paper board packs can create security difficulties. Highly sensitive information could easily end up in the wrong hands, or may be leaked into the public domain.

But with company secretarial software such as board portals, security measures such as document encryption, remote deletion, user management and password protection are all possible. This means more secure, safer working for all parties concerned - all without hindering meeting efficiency or convenience.



Company secretarial software is beneficial to co-secs, which in turn, benefits directors

With secretarial software, meeting organisers gain full control and visibility across the entire meeting management process; benefiting company directors by reducing the time, cost and effort required to produce board papers and securely deliver them on time. Enabling directors to focus on their more strategic challenges, this simple switch in process can often bring dramatic benefit to a business.