11 million reasons to move to paperless meetings

Did you know that 11 million trees are cut down each day to make paper? That equates to an incredible and unsustainable four billion trees each year, just to make paper!

The production of paper is a dirty business. In fact, as far back as the early 1990’s the US Environmental Protection Agency identified pulp mills amongst the worst industrial polluters of air and water.

To make a tonne of paper requires between 17 and 20 fully grown trees and up to 90,000 litres of water and produces a mind boggling 1.46 tonnes of greenhouse gases as waste. It makes you wonder how much paper your organisation uses, or even just your board.


If you take theaverage board, consisting of 12 directors, and the average meeting pack containing over 300 sheets of paper, that’s over 3,600 pages, per meeting.

For each meeting your board would use a quarter of a fully grown tree, 1,080 litres of water and produce 17.52 litres of greenhouse gases.

With up to11 meetings a year that is a huge 39,600 pages and that’s not even taking into account sub-committees, drafts or amendments.


By moving to a digital meeting solution, a board could save 2.75 fully grown trees, 11,880 litres of water and 192.72 litres of greenhouse gases, each year. These figures are increased substantially when a digital meeting solution is also rolled out to sub-committees and management teams.

A digital meeting solution not only reduces the amount of paper your organisation uses (and the costs attached to printing and posting) but there are also many efficiencies to be gained and an increase to the security of your corporate information.




If you would like to find out how a digital meeting solution could help you reduce your paper usage, increase efficiencies and increase the security of your board packs, book a demonstration of BoardPad today.